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Contract Notice: SAI Albania seeks consulting service for upcoming audits

The Albanian Supreme State Audit Institution seeks experts in auditng the fields of infrastructure, health and IT as part of a project supprted by SECO. Deadline for submissions is June 3 2021.

SPMR: Completion of the Operational Planning e-Learning course in OLACEFS

40 participants from six SAIs in the OLACEFS region join latest e-Learning course on operational planing.

IDI's DG at EUROSAI Congress

All eyes on Strategy Development

IDI featured in two articles from the latest issue of the European Court of Auditors Journal.

SAI South Sudan kicks-off audit of the IMF Rapid Credit Facility funding

The National Audit Chamber of South Sudan has started auditing a 52 Million IMF funding for salary arrears.

CASP audit plans review month

IDI-OLACEFS CASP initiative - Online review of Audit Plans completed

The online review of Audit Plans for IDI-OLACEFS' CASP initiative linked to SDG 12.7 (Cooperative Audit on Sustainable Public Procurement using Data Analytics) has been completed in an innovative one-month process.  

IDI Learning Management System (LMS) Resources and Activities - Self learning course (MOOC)

IDI has been using its own LMS since 2015. This online system is used in many Digital Education activities such as mentor-lead eLearning courses, online workspaces, MOOCs, internal courses, and other activities.

IDI's DG at EUROSAI Congress

IDI's Einar Gørrissen highlights collaboration at EUROSAI Congress

"Focus on flexibility, agility and resilience," says IDI's Director General Einar Gørrissen at EUROSAI's Congress on 15 April 2021 

SAI DRC publishes its strategic plan 2021-2025

The Cour des Comptes of the Democratic Republic of the Congo launches its latest Strategic Plan online for the first time

IDI Board Member Dasho Tashi

Meet new IDI Board Member, Dasho Tashi (Auditor General of Bhutan)

Appointed in March 2021, we're delighted to profile IDI's new Board Member, Dasho Tashi. 

National Audit Office of The Gambia launches first ever summarised audit report

SAI The Gambia improves transparency with the publication of its first ever summarised audit report

We are looking for an Associate PESA-P Assessor

Join the Professional Education for SAI Auditors - Pilot (PESA-P) team in our work creating professional SAI auditors for professional SAIs.