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What is the initiative about?

A new Paris declaration is here – Principles for Managing peer-support projects successfully

How can capacity development projects supporting Supreme Audit Institutions be managed better, ensuring steady progress, a joyful collaboration and sustainable results?

Media Release: IDI, ACCA and IFAC combine forces to launch joint paper at IDI Global Summit

Government audit profession has key role in providing oversight on sustainability reporting in the public sector, says joint report launched at IDI's Global Summit

The SAI Learning Professionals Circle

A growing community of learning specialists who are committed to lifelong learning

Media Release: IDI secures significant funding from USAID and SECO to further underpin support for Supreme Audit Institutions worldwide

IDI is honoured and delighted to have signed funding agreements with SECO and USAID in recent weeks.

IDI Masterclass on Inclusive Leadership Turkey September 2023

IDI Masterclass, Turkey: Fostering Inclusive Leadership Across SAIs Worldwide

IDI and the Turkish Court of Accounts hosted a transformative Masterclass on Inclusive Leadership, September 19 to 21 in the vibrant city of Istanbul. Coverage by George Phiri

Reunión en lìnea: PESA en Español

Queremos invitarles muy cordialmente a la reunión en línea: PESA en español.

The Swiss State Secretariat renews and expands its contribution to IDI

IDI is delighted to announce the signature of a new five-year funding agreement with SECO