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Masterclass on SAIs and Public Financial Management – a Foresight Exercise

From 3 to 5 May, the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) and the Commission on Audit (COA) of the Philippines, co-hosted a Masterclass on Public Financial Management (PFM) in Manila.

Agreement between OAGS, IDI and AFROSAI-E

Close collaboration with peers and partners supports SAI Somalia’s strategic goals

The Auditor General Office of Somalia (OAGS) signed a new Cooperation Agreement with AFROSAI-E and IDI on 9 May 2023

IDI Board Member Pamela Monroe Ellis

An introduction to one of IDI's new Board members, Dr. Hussam Alangari, in our 'Meet the Board' series

We're delighted to feature Dr. Hussam Alangari, who was recently appointed to IDI's Board, in our 'Meet the Board' interview

TOGETHER HRM Review & Planning Workshop in Istanbul, 27 to 31 March 2023

 In-depth peer to peer engagement for the pilot group of 11 SAIs from AFROSAI-E, ASOSAI and EUROSAI regions.

Call for expressions of interest in serving on the IDI Board

The IDI Board consists of 10 members, mostly comprised of Heads of Supreme Audit Institutions. It's a non-executive Board responsible for the management of the foundation and setting the strategic direction of the IDI.

Consultation on the Draft IDI Strategic Plan 2024-2029

IDI is pleased to invite stakeholders to consultations on the draft IDI Strategic Plan 2024-2029

Mid-term evaluation of IDI’s Strategic Plan 2019-2023 concludes positively

The INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) is pleased to share the positive findings and conclusions of the mid-term evaluation of its Strategic Plan 2019-2023.

Media Release: Prime Minister of Canada commits $3,750,000 to IDI’s support for SAIs worldwide

Justin Trudeau announces funding to support Supreme Audit institutions (SAIs) during Canada’s second Summit for Democracy on March 29, 2023.

IDI Board Meeting March 2023

Board approves 2022 reports and discusses IDI’s new Strategic Plan

Performance and Accountability Report and financial statements for 2022 approved, and IDI’s next Strategic Plan discussed on 29 and 30 March 2023

Guidance Note on Strategic Management for INTOSAI Regional Organisations

IDI is delighted to share its newly developed Guidance Note on Strategic Management for INTOSAI Regional Organisations.

The Global SAI Accountability Initiative (GSAI) gets off to a head start with EU funding and 30 partners engaged

GSAI brings partners together to craft support projects for the SAIs of Belize, Benin, Dominica, Haiti, Honduras, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon and Tajikistan

IDI's 2022 - A Year in Review

Read IDI's retrospective of 2022, detailing our many rendezvous and collaborations in 2022 - and take a peek at what's to come in 2023.