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Invitation to tender for mid-term evaluation of implementation of the IDI Strategic Plan, 2019-23

Responses to the terms of reference are invited by 12 January 2022. See the ToRs for further details.

IDI Board Member Dr. Margit Kraker

Meet Dr. Margit Kraker, IDI Board member and first female Secretary General of INTOSAI

We're delighted to profile Board member, Dr. Margit Kraker, President of the Austrian Court of Audit and Secretary-General of INTOSAI, with a special 'Meet the Board' focus on gender equality. 

IDI Board approves Operational Plan and Budget for 2022

In its virtual meeting on 25 November 2021, IDI’s Board approved the Operational Plan and budget for 2022. 

IDI Board Member Pamela Monroe Ellis

Meet Pamela Monroe Ellis, Auditor General of Jamaica, in IDI's 'Meet the Board' series

With less than a month to go to IDI's next Board Meeting, we're delighted to profile IDI Board Member, Pamela Monroe Ellis, Auditor General of Jamaica.

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Tender for Provision of consultancy support for the design and development of IDI Initiative on Human Resources, Ethics and Gender for SAIs (TOGETHER)

IDI has launched a Request for Proposals from suppliers for the provision of  expertise to support  the design and development of the Human Resource Management Component of IDI TOGETHER Initiative (HRM, Ethics, Gender and Inclusiveness for SAIs).

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Launch of new paper on the role of SAIs in auditing IMF emergency funding

SAI audits are intended to address vulnerabilities to fraud and corruption and ensure greater accountability in IMF funding distributions  

We are looking for Strategic Advisor - improving public sector governance in French-speaking Africa

We are looking for a new staff for our work in French speaking Africa.

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MASTERY - Masterclasses for SAI leaders

IDI in 2020 launched the MASTERY Initiative aimed at supporting SAI leadership in their role to effectively perform their mandates.

IDI Board Member Kristin Amundsen

Meet IDI Board member, Kristin Amundsen (DDG in SAI of Norway), in our 'Meet the Board' series

We're delighted to profile Kristin Amundsen, DDG in SAI of Norway and IDI Board Member since 2018. 

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IDI Board discusses strategic foresight in IDI, and approves updated plans and budget

IDI Board discusses strategic foresight in IDI and approves updated plans and budget in its meeting on 17 March 2021

IDI Board Member Dasho Tashi

Meet IDI Board Member, Åse Kristin Hemsen (Deputy Auditor General of OAGN)

As the next IDI Board meeting approaches, we're delighted to profile Åse Kristin Hemsen in IDI's "Meet our Board Members" series