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Why is Digital Education Important?

The IDI has been experimenting with eLearning solutions since 2005. These eLearning solutions have benefit SAIs and INTOSAI regions. IDI has launched its Enhancing eLearning Programme in 2015. Through this Programme, IDI has developed its own Digital Education capacity as well as regional and SAI capacity by creating pools of Learning Management System Administrators, eLearning specialists and blended learning specialists. The eLearning Specialists Handbook has been used in our initiatives, providing a proven eLearning methodology.  

This accumulated experience enables us to strengthen our online presence for our stakeholders through webinars, eLearning courses and online workspaces.

COVID-19 has impacted the way societies, politics, economies and institutions function - it virtually affects all aspects of our world.  IDI has scaled-up its digital education support both within and outside IDI, has invested in solutions for online work and developed staff competencies to facilitate an effective, inclusive, flexible and agile Digital Education and Online Work delivery. 


To support IDI, SAIs and INTOSAI regions with delivering effective Digital Education initiatives.

Action Areas

The principal component of the IDI Digital Education Technology is our LMS.

IDI LMS was launched in 2015 and is based in a very popular Open Source Software.

Our Digital Education Infraestructure also includes the use of Authoring tools and synchronous comunication tools. The use of these tools is oriented to promote effective Digital Education and Online Work experiences.

IDI is always improving its LMS by introducing new features.

Besides technology, IDI also focuses on its own Digital Education Methodology. The IDI put together a regional resource team to document its eLearning methodology.

The methodology will continue to be learner centered, participatory and feature a facilitatory approach involving eLearning mentors. The  eLearning Specialists textbook is available in Arabic, French and Spanish.

A new Integrated Education and Audit Support Framework was implemented in 2020.

The IDI designed, developed and delivered a certification programme for eLearning and blended learning specialists. These pools of 145 eLearning specialists and 32 blended learning specialists are expected to support design, development and delivery of blended learning solutions at global, regional and SAI level.

Additionally IDI also trained a pool of 136 LMS Administrators in all INTOSAI regions to provide technical LMS support in the implementation of Digital Education Initiatives.

The Digital Education Team also provide Professional Development on Digital Education to IDI Staff

Support digital education and online work to:

  • IDI and INTOSAI regions, SAIs and stakeholders



IDI starts experimenting with eLearning

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IDI launches its Enhancing eLearning Capacity Programme

IDI launches this Programme and its Learning Management System (LMS). The use of eLearning brings opportunities to reduce costs, reach out to more participants, especially groups like women who may be left behind. Besides being cost effective and inclusive, eLearning is environmentally friendly, reducing carbon footprint.

2016 - 2020

Professional Development on Digital Education starts

In 2016 IDI starts developing pools of Cerfified eLearning Specialists, Blended Learning Specialists and LMS Administrators in all INTOSAI regions. 

2016 - 2020


Integrated Education and Audit Support

Implementation of online platforms which provide education and audit support throughout a cooperative or pilot audit. The platform has four elements: education contents, social learning, resources and audit support.

Digital Education - The numbers

ELS Certified
Users registerd in our LMS
LMS Administrators
Official IDI Languages
Blended Learning Specialist
People trained