Elimination of Intimate Partner Violence Against Women (EIPVW) linked to SDG 5.2

Background / Why does this audit matter? 

The entire world is facing an unprecedented health, humanitarian and economic crisis due to the global outbreak of Covid-19. Even as the world discusses Covid-19 pandemic, there is a shadow pandemic that has affected the world for a long time and which is further exacerbated due to Covid-19 – violence against women. Now more than ever, examining the impact of Covid-19 on the long-standing shadow pandemic is both relevant and necessary for SAIs.      

Acting in accordance with its commitment to supporting audits of SDGs implementation and keeping its commitment to gender equality, INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) will support SAI Uganda in conducting an audit of ´Elimination of Intimate Partner Violence Against Women’ (EIPVW). The audit will examine government efforts in progressing towards nationally agreed targets of elimination of intimate partner violence linked to SDG 5.2.  The audit framework for AEIPVW will be based on IDI’s SDGs Audit Model (ISAM), which provides a model for audits of SDG implementation https://www.idi.no/en/isam. ISAM is based on ISSAIs and encourages SAIs to take a whole-of-government approach in examining the progress towards the achievement of nationally agreed targets linked to SDG targets. ISAM urges SAIs to examine central SDG principles like coherence, multi stakeholder engagement and no one left behind, in examining achievement of outcomes. ISAM encourages SAIs to explore the use of data analytics at different stages of the audit.  

Objective & Outcome

The main objective of this audit is to contribute to the elimination of intimate partner violence against women in Uganda. Within this overall objective, one of the key outcomes would be to examine the impact of Covid-19 on intimate partner violence and government efforts to provide an effective, accountable and inclusive institutional framework for eliminating intimate partner violence, especially related to women from vulnerable sections e.g. women with disabilities, women living in poverty etc.  

Participating SAIs, Resource Persons and Partners

SAI Uganda is undertaking this pilot audit, supported by IDI. International and local partners will also be established.  


The time frame is 2020-2022.

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