INTOSAI Development Initiative

Supporting effective, accountable and inclusive Supreme Audit Institutions

SAIs Fighting Corruption

Online Quality Assurance Review of Audits of Institutional Frameworks for Fighting Corruption (English speaking regions)

SAI Fighting Corruption: IDI Learning Management System hosting Quality Assurance Review of Cooperative Audit

Implementation of IDI’s “SAIs Fighting Corruption” initiative in OLACEFS / Audit Component -Audit Plan Review meeting

Implementación de la Iniciativa “EFSs en Lucha contra la Corrupción” en OLACEFS / Componente de Auditoría - Reunión de revisión del Plan de Auditoría

Training workshop on ISSAI 30 (SAIs code of ethics) implementation in CREFIAF

SAIs from CREFIAF looking inwards to improve their ethical practices.

IDI´s Alain Memvuh on Mali TV News

SAIs face considerable challenges in fulfilling their mandates of preventing, detecting and reporting on corruption.

CREFIAF: Audit Planning Workshop

SAIs from CREFIAF finalize their audit plans and launch into the conducting phase for pilot audits to assess the effectiveness of institutional frameworks for fighting corruption.

IDI launches SAI Fighting Corruption Initiative in the OLACEFS region

The first activity of IDI´s Cooperative Audit Model, the eLearning course of component 2 "Audit of Institutional Frameworks for Fighting Corruption" has started.

SFC Programme moving forward in OLACEFS

Working with SAIS to strengthen anti-corruption efforts.

IDI Programme Manager Presents at EUROSAI Task Force on Audit and Ethics Meeting

What is IDI's Contribution to Increasing the Role of SAIs in Fighting Corruption?

ARABOSAI SFC Audit Planning Workshop

This programme envisages achieving the objective of ‘Greater effectiveness of SAIs in fighting corruption’ by supporting participating SAIs in enhancing results in three areas. 

Audit Review Meeting with AFROSAI-E, CAROSAI & EUROSAI

The second group of INTOSAI English speaking regions review their draft audit reports on auditing frameworks for fighting corruption.