INTOSAI Development Initiative

Supporting effective, accountable and inclusive Supreme Audit Institutions

Well-Governed SAIs

SAI PMF Global Basic Training Course in Lima

A holistic and evidence based performance assessment – A must for all SAIs.

SAIs Engaging with Stakeholders Strategy Development Workshops for PASAI and ASOSAI

SAIs across INTOSAI Regions have embraced engagement with stakeholders in their audit processes as a critical way of enhancing audit impact and enhancing independence.

Audit Review Meeting with AFROSAI-E, CAROSAI & EUROSAI

The second group of INTOSAI English speaking regions review their draft audit reports on auditing frameworks for fighting corruption.

ISSAI 30 eLearning Course Development Meeting

The SAIs Fighting Corruption team met in Oslo in order to develop eLearning material for Implementation of ISSAI 30.

Audit Review Meeting with ASOSAI & PASAI

Cooperative Performance Audit of Institutional Frameworks for Fighting Corruption where 11 draft audit reports were peer-reviewed.

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Development

How can SAIs can effectively engage stakeholders to achieve greater audit impact?

SAI PMF Global Basic Training Course

Twenty-seven participants from all over the world took this course in Oslo.

Launching of the Pilot phase SPMR Programme

IDI and PASAI launched the Pilot phase of the Strategy, Performance Measurement, and Reporting (SPMR) Programme, in Nuku’alofa, Tonga.

SES ARABOSAI Review Workshop for Stakeholder Engagement & Development of Action Plan

Ten SAIs from ARABOSAI will soon have their strategies for engaging with stakeholders.

SFC ARABOSAI Workshop on Audit of Institutional Framework for fighting corruption

12 Audit teams from ARABOSAI are now ready to start auditing the Institutional framework for fighting corruption.

Training Workshop on SAI-Stakeholder Strategy Development

15 CREFIAF SAIs teams develop their skills to engage with key stakeholders for greater audit impact because around the world citizens are demanding that their governments use public funds better and SAI's contribute to the effective delivery of government services.

Training Workshop on Auditing Institutional Framework for Fighting Corruption

The Cooperative Audit on Institutional Frameworks for Fighting Corruption meeting kicked off in CREFIAF.