PAP-APP Donor and Peer Partner Dialogue

On April 7th the nine supreme audit institutions in the Accelerated Peer-Support Partnership (PAP-APP) Programme (the SAIs of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, The Gambia, Guinea, Madagascar, Niger, Sierra Leone, Togo and Zimbabwe) meet virtually with development partners and peer SAIs. The annual meeting focused on the nine SAIs' ambitious strategic plans for the coming years and their latest project proposals for long-term support.

Several SAIs and their partners have successfully recieved funding for projects, while others have not yet secured funding or got dedicated peers or technical partners on-board.

By organizing a dialogue between donors, peers and SAI representatives, the PAP-APP partners hope to enable all SAIs to succeed in securing scaled-up support as envisioned by the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation's Global Call for Proposals Tier 2 initiative. 

The specific objectives of the meeting are to: 

  1. Give a brief overview of key achievements of the nine SAIs from 2018-2020 and their unmet needs of support to successfully implement their strategic plans
  2. Share some inspiring stories of projects established
  3. Enable more in-depth presentation and discussion of projects for SAIs that as by now are not so much supported
  4. Enable SAI, donor and peer representatives to meet, and have a good basis for direct discussions on establishing projects after the meeting.

The main track for establishing support to the GCP Tier 2 SAIs is the country-level partner groups led by the SAI (in many countries called “Project Support Groups”). 

This dialogue meeting is intended to provide a link between the ongoing country-level discussions donor representatives at the global or headquarter level.

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