INTOSAI Development Initiative

Supporting effective, accountable and inclusive Supreme Audit Institutions

What is EFA Changemakers?

EFA Changemakers (2023-24) is an initiative to transform a pool of SAI auditors into change agents who develop EFA strategies for their SAIs and lead an EFA audit in the SAI.

To begin with this initiative will be offered in English and Spanish for up to 25 SAIs ( 15 English speaking and 10 Spanish speaking ). Each SAI is requested to nominate two persons from different leadership levels in the SAI. While one will act as EFA Changemaker Strategy, the other will act as EFA Changemaker Audit. We have identified six key areas of marginalization – poverty, gender, ethnicity, migration, age and disability which the EFA pilot audit conducted by the changemaker could focus on. Besides creating a pool of EFA Changemakers, this initiative is expected to result in EFA change strategies and EFA audits at the participating SAI level. Those candidates who successfully complete their education, strategy and audit assignments will graduate as IDI’s EFA Changemaker and become a part of an alumni network.


EFA Changemaker Strategy

A functional leader who has the position and willingness to strategize for auditing equality on a sustainable basis in the SAI. An EFA Change strategy is the SAI’s strategy for including audits on equality in the SAI’s strategic and annual audit plan on a regularly basis. In the long term the change strategy is expected to institutionalize the audit of high priority areas of marginalization by the SAI. 


EFA Changemaker Audit

An audit team leader with the ability to conduct ISSAI based audits of equality. IDI will provide professional education to the changemakers and support them in developing EFA strategy and conducting an EFA audit on a high priority area.