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TOGETHER pilot kicks off as 13 SAIs begin a journey with IDI in Governance of Human Resource

TOGETHER pilot kicks off as 13 SAIs begin a journey with IDI in Governance of Human Resource

After nearly a year of design work, maturing the concept, research and consultations at different levels, IDI’s TOGETHER Initiative on Human Resource Management, Ethics, Gender, and Inclusion for SAIs finally takes off! 

Selected based on interest, needs and priorities, 13 SAIs from AFROSAI-E, ASOSAI and EUROSAI regions will participate in the pilot round. The group, which includes SAIs from various institutional models, administrative traditions, organisational cultures, levels of independence and size, is comprised of: Bhutan, Botswana, Cyprus, Gambia, Indonesia, Latvia, Liberia, Maldives, Moldova, Namibia Romania, Tanzania, and Türkiye.

The diversity of SAIs will allow a unique experience of knowledge-sharing throughout the initiative, which strives to seek a balance in focus between aspects that are core to any successful contribution of HRM to SAI overall performance, and providing appropriate space for reflecting SAIs’ context-based specifics.

Building on the new INTOSAI CBC HRM Guide for SAIs, to which IDI contributed, the TOGETHER Initiative suggests a comprehensive approach to the different HRM dimensions across the entire “SAI Human Resource Management Value Cycle”. TOGETHER is based on a blended delivery approach which combines online activities and remote support with in-person interactions. A valuable team of resource people from the SAIs of Bhutan, France, Ghana, Indonesia, Liberia, and Sweden is providing support.

Once participating SAIs have completed the 6-weeks eLearning Course on HRM Fundamentals for SAIs launched on 26 October 2022, country teams will conduct an Integrated Self-Review (ISR) of their HRM practices against the “SAI HRM Maturity Model”, with the support of IDI and a team of resource people.


TOGETHER eplatform           TOGETHER_video_screenshot.png

The TOGETHER eLearning platform at a glance, and IDI's new TOGETHER video


These results will help SAIs identify gaps and define room for improvement in different HRM dimensions such as HR strategy, set-up of the HR function, recruitment and staff onboarding processes, systems for competence and performance management, approaches to staff professional development and diversity management, ethics management, and inclusion. Then in 2023, based on request and capacities, IDI will explore SAI-level support in prioritised areas.

Each participating SAI is represented by a cross-sectional team that includes HR practitioners, other relevant professionals such as audit managers, staff involved in strategic management, and members of the SAI’s management. And with 29 female (56 %) over a total of 51 people enrolled, these SAIs are sending a positive indication that a SAI’s organisational performance and impact is, after all, a matter of inclusion of all; in fact, a matter of working TOGETHER!

Discover more about the TOGETHER initiative here.

Watch the TOGETHER video


TOGETHER pic 31 Oct 1 

Particpants at the TOGETHER Initiative attending the introductory webinar on 26 October 2022