General Audit Bureau of Saudi Arabia Supports IDI and SAIs in ASOSAI

The General Audit Bureau (GAB) of Saudi Arabia has launched the Saudi Fund for Improved SAI Performance (Saudi FISP), with US $2 million over 2020-21. The Saudi FISP has been established to provide financial support to SAIs to develop and implement SAI-led strategic plans. The Saudi FISP is being piloted in developing countries in Asia in 2020-21, and will target SAIs which are developing, or have developed, a Strategic Plan with IDI support.

GAB recognises that the Covid-19 pandemic emergency has had a fundamental impact on SAI operations globally. Many SAIs have implemented home working and need to find remote solutions to conducting their audit work, communicating internally and with external stakeholders, and training staff. For many SAIs this requires significant investment in ICT hardware and software, internal networks, internet connectivity, and training on the use of digital tools and platforms. In response, the Saudi FISP is now inviting proposals of up to US $100,000 from developing country SAIs within Asia to enhance their resilience through improved ICT solutions and training.

In addition, GAB has also signed an agreement providing $300,000 to support IDI's SPMR initiative and $100,000 for IDI's Global Foundations Unit. 

Further details on the Saudi FISP, including official announcement, proposal template and instructions on how to submit funding proposals, are available on the GAB website, here:

Interested SAIs can apply directly at the link above. Alternativly, if a SAI would like assistance in preparing and submitting their application, they can do so through the Global Call for Proposals (GCP) Tier 1 process via the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation. Full information on how to submit via the GCP Tier 1 can be found here.