Launch of new INTOSAI PFAC Covid-19 Initiative site

The new INTOSAI PFAC website is a resource for SAIs operating duing Covid-19

new online resource for SAIs working during the Covid-19 pandemic was launched last week by the INTOSAI Policy, Finance and Administration Committee (PFAC).

The new site has links and resources contributed from a wide range of INTOSAI members and external stakeholders. It is organized around the themes of INTOSAI continuity of operations, resources for SAIs, and lessons learned. Users can explore various audit resources for conducting health and real-time audits. Strategies for how SAI staff can effectively work from home are also available, as are training materials allowing SAI staff to further develop their capabilities through online courses and webinars,

The INTOSAI PFAC Covid-19 Initiative seeks to maintain continuity of operations within INTOSAI, assist SAI’s with their continuity of operations by sharing and mobilizing resources, and focus on lessons learned to prevent similar situations in the future. The initiative is based on a belief that governments and citizens need strong, competent, and effective SAIs in our current environment and that this need will only increase in the future.

The initiative welcomes additional contributions from all interested parties and will continuously update the website as information becomes available. The site can been visited at You can also submit your ideas for content to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..