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Launch of Professional Education for SAI Auditors - Pilot

Launch of Professional Education for SAI Auditors - Pilot

Per-Kristian Foss, Chair of the IDI Board, lit the virtual fireworks that opens PESA-P for SAI nominations. SAIs will receive the PESA-P announcement with detailed information in their inboxes on Friday 26th March. Meanwhile read all about it here.

PESA-P is a brand-new option for SAIs to partner with IDIs on their professionalisation journey.

Our vision for PESA-P?

A critical mass of professional SAI auditors, contributing to professional SAIs.

PESA-P will help SAIs grow professional SAI Auditors following the Education, Assessment and, Reflection framework (EAR).

   Education      Assessments      Reflection    
  •  Cross cutting & three audit streams (PA, CA, FA)
  • 100 hours online education contents per auditor (digitized education,
    social learning, Initial Professional Development Portfolio)
  • Two application based online assessments
  • Certification of competence
  • How can I apply this in my SAI?
  • Throughout education & assessments


Picture of Archana Shirsat
“PESA – P is about a dream that many of us see – the vision of a global profession of SAI auditors contributing to professional SAIs. PESA-P is uniquely INTOSAI - created by the community to address the needs of the community. IDI is delighted that it has shaped up to be what we wanted it to be - a credible, scalable, inclusive, and relevant professional development solution for SAIs. Given current times, it is also an entirely digital solution.”
- Archana Shirsat (Deputy Director General, IDI)



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