INTOSAI Development Initiative

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IDI's Professional Education for SAI Auditors

The SAIs journey towards ISSAI implementation and professionalization starts with a professionally educated audit workforce. IDI’s Professional Education for SAI Auditors – PESA Pilot is a competency-based education initiative for SAI auditors (financial, performance, and compliance). For the development of digital education for the PESA Pilot, the IDI has formed a partnership with an eLearning provider (CNK Management Ltd.) in Hyderabad, India. A five-day meeting of PESA Educators for Financial Audit and Compliance Audit with the CNK team took place in  Hyderabad from 9 -13 September. CNK Management Ltd. is training the two groups of PESA educators in the workshop on the type of content required for digital education and will begin work on this content.

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