The new edition of the INTOSAI Journal features SDGs and Gender Equality, including IDI’s work.

While this edition is dedicated to the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, it also features the topic of gender equality. Read our article spotlighting IDI’s work with Gender Equality and an interesting article interviewing several female SAI leaders.

2020 is the year of taking stock of progress on implementing the SDGs, it is also a year of taking stock of women’s rights on the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. Inside this issue of the INTOSAI Journal is you can discover some activities IDI is implementing to put Gender Equality on Stage. IDI’s work on gender equality includes raising awareness and leading by example.

One source that clearly shows the necessity to step up on gender equality is the IDI Global Stocktaking Report 2017 that showed the following:

“The 2017 IDI Global Stocktaking Report showed the majority of SAIs (about 75%) within the INTOSAI community were led by men. Senior management was also predominantly male (about 59%). The potential for improvement is evident, and incorporating gender equality into strategic, operational and budgetary planning is key.”

As an institution, IDI has a gender policy and has performed a Gender Institutional Self-Assessment. Since 2020, IDI ensures support includes a gender lens by conducting gender analyses when designing new IDI initiatives.

There is also an article "Bridging the Equality Gap: SAI Female Leadership" that is very informative. This Spring issue also highlights auditing SDG implementation and preparedness as well as the latest news from Supreme Audit Institutions worldwide.