Memorandum of Understanding signed between IDI and the National Audit Office of Finland

A delegation from the National Audit Office of Finland (NAO Finland) visited IDI headquarters in Oslo today. The two organizations signed a memorandum of understanding outlining how IDI and NAO Finland will collaborate on a variety of areas, including audit of SDGs, environmental audit and facilitating audit impact. NAO Finland will aid IDI in events such as the Green Hat Innovation Exchange Series and in developing audit leadership practices through mentoring and coaching support for the SAI Young Leaders Initiative.

NAO Finland has been a leader in innovative capacity building efforts for audit institutions globally.

“The audit environment is changing rapidly,” says Tytti Yli-Viikari, Auditor General of Finland, “and we need to come together to cooperate to grow together and support SAIs around the world”

IDI Director General Einar Gørrisen said “This agreement with NAO Finland opens new opportunities to collaborate on a wide-range of capacity development initiatives which, I believe, will bring a lot of positive outcomes for SAIs, and especially for the next generation of auditors.”

Of particular note is the expanded support to the SAI Young Leaders initiative. Jenni Leppälahti, planning director at NAO Finland, was part of the first round of the SYL initiative and is now serving as a coach in the second round.  Remarking on the new agreement, Ms. Leppälahti said “it is inspiring to NAO Finland to be part of offering support for growing the new generation of auditors.”

Ms. Yli-Viikari echoed her statements, saying “I’ve seen firsthand what it is to have young leaders work to be part of a network of changemakers, and that’s why I’m very committed to keep that momentum going, because I feel that when SAIs come together there’s added value and great insights when they work together in that international environment.”

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Tytti Yli-Viikari from NAO Finland and Einar Gørrisen from IDI