IDI Learning Management System (LMS) Resources and Activities - Self learning course (MOOC)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of our eLearning platform was increased and our LMS has become a key delivery mechanism. 

Our LMS script is based in Moodle, a very popular, strong and stable open source system. 

We have developed an open self-learning course aimed at IDI staff, IDI resource persons, and anyone interested in learning to use the basic tools available on the IDI LMS to develop eLearning courses and other Digital Education Initiatives.

The course consists of two modules. The first module focuses on LMS resources and the second module is on LMS activities.

This course contains explanatory videos, examples and suggested exercises. Additionally, we provide access to a separate practice room for those interested in executing the suggested exercises.

If you are interested in access this course, please follow the instructions detailed in the tutorial available below

Tutorial 1: Accessing the course (For users previously registered on IDI LMS)

Tutorial 2: Accessing the course (For new IDI LMS users)