Update: Managing the risks of Covid-19 at IDI

Like most organisations, IDI has been severely affected by the spread of Covid-19. As in many other countries, the situation in Norway, where IDI is located, is exceptionally difficult and hard to predict. We know that many of our partner SAIs and stakeholders are also under strict national measures.

Throughout the last weeks, our priority has been to protect the physical health and well-being of our staff and participants, and to contribute to national and global efforts to limit the spread of the virus. So far, IDI has taken the following measures: 

  • All regional and global IDI events have been postponed until after Easter, with the expectation that they are likely to be delayed further.
  • A full travel ban has been instituted for all IDI staff and for all visitors to the IDI office.
  • All IDI staff are currently working from home and IDI has adopted more flexible working hours
  • Contingency plans have been developed for all IDI initiatives up to June 2020, and will be updated regularly.
  • A major push is currently underway to move to eLearning and virtual meeting solutions when possible. 

Despite the cancellation and postponement of many events for the coming weeks, IDI continues to do our upmost to work as effectively as possible under these difficult circumstances. We remain fully committed to our goal of supporting and developing the performance and capacity of SAIs and are using this time to explore alternative delivery models, in particular by extending the use of our eLearning resources. We will continue to keep our partner SAIs, Development Partners and the wider INTOSAI community informed about changes to our plans and will update this information when needed.

We wish you, your families and colleagues all the best in this fluid and difficult situation. Stay safe.