IDI Board approves 2020 reports, a new policy, bilateral support to DRC and a new Board member

IDI’s Board approved the Performance and Accountability Report and the financial statements for 2020 in its virtual meeting on 25 March 2021.

Despite COVID-19, IDI managed to achieve, and in many cases even surpass, its targets for 2020. This is due, in part, to IDI’s previous investments in learning management systems and eLearning, which allowed the organisation to move swiftly to online formats. Another reason was IDI’s continued drive to adapt to the situation and to be a flexible, agile and resilient organisation.

Discussions also focussed on assessing IDI’s portfolio against the IDI Strategic Plan and strategic directions for the future.

In the meeting, the Board appointed Dasho Tashi, Auditor General of Bhutan, as a new Board member. He was selected in a transparent and competitive process.

The Board approved IDI’s updated Gender Policy and bilateral support for the Supreme Audit Institution of the Democratic Republic of Congo. As a final highlight, IDI launched its Professional Education for SAI Auditors Pilot at the end of the meeting.

The Board meeting summary, the Performance and Accountability Report and financial statements for 2020 and the new Gender Policy will be published on the IDI website.