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Consultation on the Draft IDI Strategic Plan 2024-2029

Consultation on the Draft IDI Strategic Plan 2024-2029

IDI is pleased to invite stakeholders to consultations on the draft IDI Strategic Plan 2024-2029. The strategic plan has been developed following a long, participatory process, early stakeholder conversations and heavy engagement by the IDI Board.

The draft strategic plan includes an updated IDI vision of independent, credible and sustainable SAIs for better societies and improved lives. It focuses on three strategic priorities: sustainability, digitalisation and raising SAI profiles, responding to global trends and opportunities faced by SAIs.

The strategic plan emphasises continuity, building on previous successes. But it also includes some refinements, particularly a focus on developing permanent and predictable support and services on which SAIs can rely. These include a Centre for SAI Audit Professionals, delivering services such as Professional Education for SAI Auditors (PESA) on a regular and predictable basis. IDI also intends to pilot establishment of shared service arrangements to support systems of audit quality management, working with INTOSAI regional bodies as appropriate.

IDI will hold final rounds of consultations with a number of stakeholders across three different dates and time zones. Invitations will be sent to stakeholders shortly.

Please note that the Strategic Plan 2024-2029 will undergo its full design process following consultation. 

Download IDI Strategic Plan 2024-2029 - Draft Version 1.0