INTOSAI Development Initiative

Supporting effective, accountable and inclusive Supreme Audit Institutions

Cross-cutting Priority: SAI Communications and Stakeholder Management

To deliver value and benefits for all citizens, and to embark on successful change processes, SAIs need to be outward-facing organisations, with a good understanding of their stakeholders.

Communications and stakeholder management is a key component of the Well-Governed SAIs work stream, but it also cuts across other work streams and strategic priorities. Securing SAI independence requires an effective understanding of stakeholder needs and attitudes along with effective stakeholder engagement in advocacy to create a fruitful environment for SAI independence. For the Professional and Relevant SAIs’ work streams to make a difference, SAIs need to find the most effective ways of communicating audit results to stakeholders. Communications and stakeholder management will therefore be a key feature in professional auditor and leadership education. Also, the audit process itself and audit impact can be enhanced by engaging stakeholders in the selection, planning and even implementation phases of the audit. Regarding SAI-level support, a crucial aspect of stakeholder management is the effective coordination of support amongst different providers.