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Healthy Interactions - Recipes for Online Facilitation Flipbook

Healthy Interactions - Recipes for Online Facilitation Flipbook

During 2020, the attention of the whole world has been focused on ‘good health.’ The COVID-19 pandemic has required us to rethink the way we meet, communicate, educate and work . While much has changed in our landscape, most of our values and objectives have remained intact. Even as we seek flexible and agile online solutions, we continue to look for ‘healthy interactions’ that contribute value and help us in achieving our personal and organisational objectives in these challenging times. This recipe book brings you reflections and suggestions from our experimentation with ‘healthy interactions’. In the IDI kitchen we have tried out different recipes for working together online and, more important, for being together online. Some worked and some were complete disasters! 

We encourage you to add your unique flavours to these recipes and cook up a storm in your kitchens.

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