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Introducing Learn IDI LMS app

Introducing Learn IDI LMS app

To promote learning on phones and tablets, the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) has introduced a new customised branded app for current users of the IDI Learning Management System (IDI LMS).

Learn IDI, available on Apple Store and Google Play as a free download, is the first app for mobile devices created by IDI.

‘Research has shown us how much our learners in SAIs around the world rely on their devices to access IDI’s learning material. For instance, a total of 433 PESA-P users – that’s over a third - have accessed the LMS using a mobile device,’ says Karina Mera-Warholm of IDI’s Digital Education team.

Using IDI Learn, SAI learners will have access to IDI LMS, both online and offline, from anywhere and on any device. The app also has an ‘offline’ feature, where learners can download content when they are online and check it later when they don’t have an internet connection. Activities and content available for offline navigation can be accessed through the app.

‘As long-life learners, we know that learning never stops,’ says IDI’s Minor Sancho who has implemented the app launch. ‘But for learners without a reliable internet connection or access to a computer, distance learning can be challenging.’

The Learn IDI App will take learning to new locations and devices, and the team look forward to expanding its use over the coming months.

Current learners on IDI’s LMS can download the app here:

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