Long-term responses
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Guidance for Supreme Audit Institutions



IDI's SDG Audit Model

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INTOSAI ‘SAI Continuity during
COVID-19’ Grant

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Work Streams and Initiatives to support Supreme Audit Institutions

IDI's capacity support is delivered primarily though four work streams: Independent SAIs, Well-Governed SAIs, Professional SAIs, and Relevant SAIs. Each work stream is composed of several components and initiatives.

Work Streams

Independent SAIs Work Stream
Well-Governed SAIs Work Stream
Professional SAIs
Relevant SAIs


Auditing the Sustainable Development Goals
SAI Performance Measurement Framework
Digital Education
SAI Young Leaders
Professional Education for SAI Auditors
SAI Innovators
SAIs Fighting Corruption
Auditing the Sustainable Development Goals

IDI and Covid-19

IDI is supportings SAIs in responding to the new normal of COVID-19. Explore our COVID-19 section for guidance and documentation to help SAIs continue their important work during this period of change and uncertanity.

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IDI produces a variety of resources that support SAIs in their efforts to build their capacity and provide a real benefit in the lives of their citizens. You can explore all of publications in Our Resources