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Launch of CRISP Initiative

Join us as we present IDI’s new initiative CRISP – Crisis and Risk Management for SAI Performance.

The INTOSAI community faced unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and resilience became a new focus for SAIs. With this new initiative IDI is focusing on strengthening SAI resilience through improving risk and crisis management systems.

To kick off the initiative, IDI invites you to attend sensitization webinars on the topics. In theses webinars, some SAIs will present their experience of implementing risk and crisis management systems and the IDI will present a draft methodology. We hope for active participation and your feedback is encouraged and requested.

The webinars will be conducted in English and French on the following dates:

In English:
5th October 10-12 am (UTC+2): Risk Management
7th October 10-12 am (UTC+2): Crisis Management

In French:
12th October 3-5 pm (UTC+2): Risk Management
14th October 3-2 pm (UTC+2): Crisis Management

To register for the Zoom webinars in English please follow:

Pour s’enregistrer pour les webinaires en Zoom, veuillez suivre le lien :