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IDI-ASOSAI Blended Learning Specialist Certification Programme

IDI-ASOSAI Blended Learning Specialist Certification Programme

The IDI has developed an evaluation framework for certifying Blended Learning specialists. This framework requires engaging an independent reviewer to provide quality assurance of the evaluation process and course assignment. Accordingly, the IDI engaged Ms Siritorn Akaphant, Director of SAI Thailand to conduct the review, which was completed on 16 February 2018 in Oslo. The review report was signed off and then handed over to IDI. In addition to the one-week meeting with the Blended Learning management team in Oslo from 12-16 February 2018, the review exercise included a one-week observation on the evaluation process at the workshop held in Bangkok last year, where the facilitator team and IDI managers evaluated personal traits and facilitation skills of participants to become Blended Learning Specialists.

This review was conducted in accordance with the Terms of Reference outlined within the evaluation framework. The scope of review included; i) Examining the way in which personal traits have been assessed and the alignment between the word sketch and the marking, ii) Examining the process of assignment to check if the evaluation was done in accordance with the marking guide, and iii) Examining the overall evaluation process. Ms Siritorn Akaphant concluded that the overall evaluation process of Blended Learning Specialist Certification Programme was found appropriate and adequate, and met the objective of evaluation. To further improve and sustain this evaluation process, the reviewer proposed a total of nine recommendations.

A total of 34 participants from 11 SAIs in ASOSAI participated in this programme.