INTOSAI Development Initiative

Supporting effective, accountable and inclusive Supreme Audit Institutions


Lifelong Learning


IDI is working with three communities of alumni (SYL, Learning specialists and PESA) to build our network and provide Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Specifically, we aim to: 

  • Build the network between alumni
  • Create an opportunity for CPD alumni of the Professional and Relevant SAIs Department
  • Bring people together across the community.

Learning Festival Resources


All Learning Festival  events with their respective materials can be found in Learning Festival Resources.

SAI Young Leaders Learning Circle


Watch the video prepared, produced and presented by SAI Young Leaders, for the SAI Young Leaders Learning Circle

SAI Learning Specialists Circle


An introduction to the SAI Learning Specialists Learning circle, for IDI certified training, e-learning and blended learning specialists across the INTOSAI community.