INTOSAI Development Initiative

Supporting effective, accountable and inclusive Supreme Audit Institutions

IDI SAI Independence team hosts advocacy panels and roundtables at the Hague

IDI’s SAI Independence team attended a number of events and meetings in the Hague in May, discussing the significance of independent SAIs in strong public governance and accountability.

Call for Tender: Study on SAI Independence and Extractive Sector Governance

IDI is commissioning a study to examine how SAI independence impacts extractives in South American and Francophone Africa.

Media Release: Helen Clark appointed as IDC Goodwill Ambassador for SAI Independence

World leader Helen Clark has taken on the newly created role to advocate globally for independent SAIs. 

Launch of the Occasional Paper Series on SAI Independence

New papers on SAI independence research and the effects of COVID-19 on SAIs spreadhead new paper series

Upcoming webinar: Gaining and safeguarding SAI independence

Joint IDI / CBC ACCC webinar will give SAI leadership opportunitites to discuss how to protect their independence in law and in reality.

IDI issues statement on recent events at the Office of the Auditor General of the Union in Myanmar

IDI expresses its concern over the Office’s independence and the recent replacement of the Auditor General

IDI issues statement concerning the Audit Office of the Republic of Cyprus

IDI encourages all parties to create a conducive environment in which the Principles of the Mexico Declaration are honored so that the Audit Office can effectively carry out its role.

IDI issues statement on current situation at Ghana Audit Service

IDI is concerned that recent events may negatively affect the independence of the Ghana Audit Service

IDI issues statement on proposed audit legislation in Somalia

Somalia's new audit legislation is at risk of falling below international standards, leaving the Auditor General vulnerable to political pressure.

INTOSAI and IDI issue joint statement expressing concern over the situation at SAI North Macedonia

INTOSAI and IDI have issued a statement expressing their concern over the vacant leadership positions at SAI North Macedonia

Concern for SAI Ecuador

IDI has been following the events that recently occurred in the Republic of Ecuador.

Qatar Backs IDI Independence Work

The State Audit Bureau of Qatar signs a funding agreement with IDI to support the strengthening of SAI Independence and SAIs in challenged environments.