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SAI PMF basic training August 21

36 particants around the world learn SAI PMF fundamentals

IDI is currently conducting a SAI PMF eLearning Basic Training Course (16 – 27 August 2021). Thirty six participants from different countries around the world are attending the training, which is facilitated by IDI’s Brighton Nyanga and Irina Sprenglewski, IDI Associate Ms Nila Eka Putri from the SAI of Indonesia, and consultant Ms Nino Tsintsadze.

The Supreme Audit Institutions Performance Measurement Framework (SAI PMF) is an INTOSAI tool used for assessing the performance of an SAI against International Standards for Supreme Audit Institutions (ISSAIs) and other best practices. By measuring their performance, SAIs can establish whether their practices match the requirements of international standards for strong and effective SAIs that add value to the lives of citizens.

The objective of the SAI PMF basic training course is to equip future assessors with the basic knowledge required to apply the principles and methodology of the SAI PMF, plan and implement an assessment and report on the assessment results.

For more information on the SAI PMF, visit the IDI website