INTOSAI Development Initiative

Supporting effective, accountable and inclusive Supreme Audit Institutions

Auditing Sustainable Development Goals

Expert Group Meeting on ISAM

IDI and UNDESA organized three-day expert group meeting for the elaboration of IDI SDGs Audit Model (ISAM) from 24 July to 26 July 2019 at UN Headquarter New York.

SAI Leaders and Stakeholder Meeting

SAI Leaders and Stakeholder Meeting on “SAIs making a difference: Auditing the implementation of the SDGs”

Launching of IDI KSC Publication

IDI Board Member and KSC Chair launch IDI KSC Publication

Can SAIs move governments to action using various forms of audit?

Find out in the summary of the side event on the role of SAI in auditing SDGs at Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development.

SAI Leaders and Stakeholders Workshop on Auditing Sustainable Development Goals

This workshop created awareness of SAIs’ role in auditing SDGs as well as the support required in auditing SDGs.

SAIs Engaging With Stakeholders in Auditing SDGs

One of the key messages in auditing preparedness of the SDG's is how SAIs engage with stakeholders in auditing SDGs. This notion of stakeholder engagement comes from the way audit teams conduct their work and the nature of the subject matter of SDGs related to stakeholder engagement.

Deadline for Comments on Exposure Draft is 18 November 2018

Your comments are requested on the Exposure Draft version 0 of Auditing Preparedness for Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals-A Guidance for Supreme Audit Institutions. 

IDI-OLACEFS Auditing SDG Review Meeting

How can this programme contribute to the 2030 Agenda for UN Sustainable Development Goals? 

Presentation on the Development on the Auditing SDGs Programme

The IDI is working to raise awareness and advocacy on the role of SAI in Auditing SDGs in a national context.

Report on the meeting "SAI Contributions to the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals"

The main objective of the programme is to support SAIs to conduct high-quality audits of SDGs. 

SAI Leadership and Stakeholder Meeting

Contributions of Supreme Audit Institution to the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.