SAI Young Leaders update

14 February 2019

Read the announcement for this programme which aims to produce 'Changed SAI Young Leaders contributing to positive change in SAIs'.

Time and again it has been IDI’s experience that any transformation or performance enhancement in an SAI has to be driven from within by the SAI’s leadership. While IDI and other partners can play a supporting role, it is the SAI leaders who are at the forefront of transforming SAIs. Recognising the central role of leadership in the development of an SAI, the IDI Board asked IDI to include a leadership initiative in its new portfolio. Looking to the future, the IDI decided to focus its efforts on SAI Young Leaders (SYLs). As the main purpose of all IDI endeavour is to see strong SAIs, the initiative focuses on both individual leaders and their change strategies for bringing positive change. The initiative aims to produce ‘Changed SAI Young Leaders contributing to positive change in SAIs’.

The initiative was piloted in 2017-2018 and was a big success with 20 SYLs graduating the programme and successfully introducing change strategies in their SAIs. The SYL initiative received enthusiastic feedback from the SYLs, their SAIs and those who met the SYLs on their leadership journey. The pilot of the SYL initiative is drawing to a close and judges are deliberating on the ‘Best Change Strategy award’ of NOK50 000 to support the leadership development of the winner. Due to the success of the pilot IDI will run the initiative for a second time with adjustments made for lessons learned on the pilot. Applications are currently flooding in and you can read the latest announcement on the programme pdf here. (957 KB)


For further information about the programme, please see the webpage here.