SPMR – SAI PMF Review Workshop in Botswana

3 October 2019

As well as an introductory workshop for the new SPMR programme member, SAI Kenya.

Hosted in Gaborone by SAI Botswana, the AFROSAI-E group of the Strategy, Performance Measurement and Reporting (SPMR) initiative met for the second time to review the results of their SAI PMF self-assessments. From the 12 to 16 September, thirteen participants from four African SAIs (Mozambique, Botswana, Eswatini and Ghana) reviewed their SAI PMF work so far and worked towards filling gaps in the work thus far.

Nils Voesgen from IDI is introducing the topics for the workshop

For the first half of the workshop, the participants worked on their SAI PMF assessments – to move one step further towards a complete, final report.

 spmr brighton presents 400x225




Brighton Nyanga, IDI, sharing experiences on assessing various SAI PMF criteria.


The team from SAI Ghana discussing and reviewing their preliminary findings on the SAI PMF assessment.

The team from Eswatini working on their SAI PMF assessment.

In the second part of the workshop, the participants used the preliminary findings from the SAI PMF work to analyze the SAIs’ main strengths and weaknesses and the interlinkages between them. Altogether, the results of this work and a stakeholder analysis that participants will undertake in the next few weeks, will form the basis for the work ahead in the next workshop in November in Pretoria, South Africa. In this workshop, the participants will start the process of designing new strategic plans or reviewing existing ones.

The team from SAI Mozambique discussing and reviewing their preliminary findings from the SAI PMF assessment.

The SPMR initiative supports the whole strategic management cycle of the participating SAIs over the course of four years and is supported by the Swiss Secretariat for the Economy (SECO).

Following the workshop, the IDI team went to Nairobi and worked with the new member of the group, SAI Kenya, to onboard the SAI to the programme and get them up to speed on undertaking the SAI PMF assessment. SAI Kenya will undertake the assessment prior to the workshop in November.

The SAI Kenya team for the SAI PMF assessment and visiting IDI staff.
 some of sai kenya discussing sai pmf components
Parts of the SAI Kenya SAI PMF team discussing SAI PMF components.

We welcome SAI Kenya to the SPMR and look forward to further joint work in Pretoria in November! 

For more information about the programme, please see the webpage here. spmr new