Programme Objective
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Programme Objective

The objective of IDI's bilateral support programme is to ensure that the most challenged SAIs with substantial needs for capacity development are assisted and are improving their performance

SAIs in politically unstable and challenged environments can through timely audits contribute to state building and curbing corruption. Currently many of them struggle to conduct relevant audits and provide value and benefits in their societies. They have substantial needs for improvement, but improvements are difficult to achieve due to low implementation capacity, political issues and an unpredictable context.

Bilateral support is provided as tailor-made support to the most challenged SAIs. The needs and opportunities of each individual SAI are taken into account. Bilateral projects take a holistic approach where support could be provided for many areas of the SAI, depending on the most critical needs and strategic priorities.

The most challenged SAIs are often in socalled “fragile states”, but also in other challenged countries. The target SAIs of IDI bilateral support are characterized by poor performance compared to international standards and lack of support. Many of these SAIs operate in a challenging environment that undermines SAI development. IDI is willing to support all SAIs regardless of the environment they operate in. Supporting SAIs in unpromising and often also unstable environments involves a substantial result-risk in terms of slow SAI development, but as an organization for all SAIs in developing countries, IDI is prepared to take this risk in cooperation with its resourcing partners. In such situations, the role of IDI may be to prepare the SAI for future opportunities and trying to promote the SAI as a reform agent.