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Five Cooperation Agreements Signed in One Day

23 November 2018

Five French-speaking SAIs in Africa vow to work closely together with IDI and CREFIAF to strengthen strategic management systems. 

The Accelerated Peer-Support Partnership programme, known in French as Partenariat Accéléré pour l’Appui des Pairs in French (PAP-APP) achieved a major milestone on 16 October 2018 with the signing of five new Cooperation agreements. The SAIs of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Madagascar, Niger and Togo are now fully a part of the programme. The signing took place at a colourful ceremony in Yaoundé, Cameroon, involving the SAI Heads and the leaders of INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI) and the African Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions-French speaking (CREFIAF). 

From 2018 to 2020 the partners will work together to achieve:  

1. Stronger SAI strategic management systems and practices  
2. Strategically based and scaled up capacity development  
3. SAIs leading by example in the areas of gender, diversity, and inclusion 

All the parties expressed optimism for the plans and underscored their commitment to work towards the realisation of the programme objectives.  

President Mr Mohamed Diare expressed that for the Guinea SAI, "this program comes barely two years after its creation in 2016. The program will help put in place mechanisms and processes that can promote the development of long-term capacity." He also stated that "this is an opportunity for the Guinea SAI to implement organizational measures consistent with the challenges of fulfilling its legal mandate, with the professional practice of auditing public finances that will have an impact on the evolution of the public sector. In this framework, the SAI will produce coherent and useful annual reports for the governance, management and administrative reforms of Guinea."

The President of SAI Madagascar Mr Jean de Dieu Rakotonramihamina believes the programme will enable the SAI to consider major organizational, institutional and technical reforms in order to be more effective and to join other stakeholders in mobilizing more external support for the control of public finances. "The support from the IDI and CREFIAF through the PAP-APP program has been very favourably received within the SAI of Madagascar. Indeed, we are counting on the success of this new program to accompany us all through till we attain our capacity building goals in conformity with the values and advantages known to all SAIs."






"In the face of these challenges, we are determined to focus our efforts on the realization of the different stages of the program for the establishment of an effective strategic planning of the SAI of Madagascar," declared Mr Jean de Dieu Rakotonramihamina the SAI Head of Madagascar.  
Mr Hamza Tchemogo, the SAI Secretary-General of SAI Niger, holds that "the signing of the Cooperation Agreement within the framework of the PAP-APP gives me the pleasant opportunity to praise the efforts made by the IDI and CREFIAF. Also, with the support of other stakeholders, the Nigerien SAI hopes to be propelled from above through the vast capacity building program. On behalf of the First President and all members of the SAI, I am committed to the concrete and continuous implementation of the whole program. The SAI has voluntarily committed itself and will play its own role.” 

For the SAI of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the signing of the agreement revives efforts geared towards more visibility and credibility of the SAI by developing a Strategic Plan based on real needs and an Operational Plan with substantial project proposals. According to the SAI Head Mr. Ernest Izemengia NSAA-NSAA, "the Program will help the SAI get a new dimension to meet up the challenge of a good management of its strategic cycle and attract potential partners towards more performance in the fight to improve the governance of the country.”






For SAI Togo the PAP-APP support is expected to lead to significant dynamism in Public Finance controls, the way the SAI is seen and in its modus operandi. A new Strategic and Operational Plan, as well as improved strategic management systems, are expected to attract external support and overcome weaknesses that limit the SAI’s effectiveness and impact. "SAI Togo is delighted with the signing of this agreement, the first of its kind between these two institutions constituting an ideal framework to curb the challenges related to its strategic management. It is also an opportunity to share good practices that can enable the smooth implementation of activities to strengthen the strategic management cycle and project development, " said Mr Jean Koffi Edoh-Togo SAI Head.

According to Ms Mbah Acha Rose Fomundam, President of CRRI / CREFIAF, "CREFIAF is satisfied that the fruitful discussions between the Programme's partners give way to a clear commitment by the SAIs and the support providers CREFIAF and IDI. It is understood that we will make every effort to bring the knowledge, expertise, financial and material resources available to the beneficiary SAIs in order to enable them to become institutions exemplified in their countries and on the continent. After signing the agreements, it's time to take action now!"  
In the signing ceremony, the AFROSAI honorary President, M. Ngolakia Gilbert recounted the success story of SAI Gabon which matched the objectives of the PAP-APP Initiative. 

IDI Deputy General Director Mr Ola Hoem  recounted that “It has been a very fruitful and interesting journey leading up till today’s event”. He went on to give his outlook for the future “we will now embark on the real work and I am convinced that when we gather by the end of phase 1 of the PAP-APP programme in 1,5 years, we would have achieved what we aimed at and hopefully we will meet our main target of scaling up support to your institutions for the benefit of the citizens of your countries."

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The PAP-APP programme is funded by the Austrian Development Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland, as well as in-kind support from the SAIs of Gabon, Ghana, Namibia, Norway, Senegal and Sweden. 

For further information about the PAP-APP programme, please see the webpage here or contact programme manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..