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Partenariat Accéléré pour l’appui des Pairs/ Accelerated Peer Support Partnership PAP-APP

20 August 2018
The first President of the Court of Accounts of Guinea Conakry with staff and PAP/APP planning country visit team members The first President of the Court of Accounts of Guinea Conakry with staff and PAP/APP planning country visit team members

New partnerships with challenged SAIs in Africa initiated.

A close collaboration to strengthen strategic management as well as to enable scaled up support has been initiated with nine SAIs in Africa. These include the SAIs of Niger, DRC, Togo, Guinea and Madagascar in the CREFIAF region, and the SAIs of Eritrea, Gambia, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe in the AFROSAI-E region. This is a joint effort of IDI, AFROSAI-E, and CREFIAF.

These nine SAIs will be supported through the Accelerated Peer-Support Partnership programme (PAP-APP). The aim of the programme is to empower challenged SAIs in urgent need of support to enhance their capacity and to improve their performance.

The programme is organized in two phases:

Phase 1 from 2018-20 will clarify strategic priorities and operational plans, using these to establish long-term capacity development support. This will be followed by a Phase 2 over the course of several years with tailor-made support depending on the needs and requests made by the SAIs.

The programme comprises nine SAIs in total with four, namely Eritrea, The Gambia, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe coming from the African Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions-AFROSAI-E region.

African French-speaking SAIs are also represented by the Conseil Régional de Formation des Institutions Supérieures de Contrôle des Finances Publiques de l’Afrique Francophone sub-Saharienne (CREFIAF) members of Niger, Togo, Guinea Conakry, Democratic Republic of Congo and Madagascar

The English speaking SAIs are divided into tracks one and two with Eritrea and The Gambia forming track one and Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe forming track two. The tracks denote the stage of development of the strategic planning process in the SAIs concerned.

In July and August, planning visits were undertaken to most of the SAIs to:

• Establish contact with the SAI top management to gain an appreciation of the unique environment in the SAI
• Present and clarify how the programme is structured and to be implemented
• Develop the Cooperation Agreement and activity plan
• Find out the current position of the SAIs in terms of strategic planning
• Establish preliminary needs of the SAIs
• Share experiences with the SAI

At the end of the first phase of the programme in 2020, it is intended that the participating SAIs will develop a strategic plan that is linked to their Operational plans. The strategic plans will be developed in a multi-stakeholder and inclusive fashion. The aim is to make SAI strategic plans SAI needs-driven, in collaboration with partners.

Where an SAI already has a good strategic plan, other forms of support will be provided to enhance the work of the SAI within the context of the PAP/APP programme.

The accelerated nature of the programme takes into consideration the challenges faced by the SAIs identified. It is envisaged that with the support of the programme, the SAIs will significantly improve their service delivery and become more efficient and effective.

In September it is expected that Cooperation agreements will be entered with most of the SAIs. For further information, please contact programme manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The first President of the Court of accounts of Madagascar with staff and PAP/APP planning country visit team members.

The first President of the Court of accounts of Niger and his senior management.