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ADA supports IDI’s cooperation with highly challenged Supreme Audit Institutions

17 April 2018

The INTOSAI Development Initiative will together with the African organisations AFROSAI-E1 and CREFIAF2 over the next years provide intensive support to a small group of highly challenged Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs). This shall enable the SAIs to operate more strategically and have effective long-term capacity development programmes. The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) supports the programme financially with 400 000 Euros for 2018-2020. 

Nine SAIs in Africa are potential partners of the programme. These are the SAIs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Madagascar, Guinea, Togo and Niger (French-speaking, CREFIAF members), and Eritrea, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and Gambia (English speaking, AFROSAI-E members). In mid-2018 it will be decided which of these SAIs that will be supported through the ADA financed IDI, AFROSAI-E and CREFIAF programme. 

These nine SAIs are called the “Tier 2 SAIs” as they have been selected by the INTOSAI-Donor Steering Committee to be a part of the Global Call for Proposals Tier 2. The Global Call for Proposals (GCP) is a mechanism seeking to match SAI capacity development proposals with donor or INTOSAI funding. It aims to empower SAIs in developing countries to drive forward their capacity and performance by ensuring proposals for capacity development are SAI-led and aligned with the SAI’s strategic plans.
The 2nd tier of the Global Call for Proposal is a call for more effective action by the INTOSAI and Donor community to address particular needs of challenged SAIs. Against this backdrop and given the respective and complementary roles of AFROSAI-E, CREFIAF and IDI, the three organisations have decided to establish a common programme for supporting the Tier 2 SAIs.

“We in IDI are grateful to ADA for the grant, which enables us to provide support to the Tier 2 SAIs in 2018-2020,” says IDI Director General Mr. Einar Gørrissen. “Worldwide experiences of SAI capacity development show that peer-to-peer cooperation is the preferred option for recipient SAIs, and provides a good mechanism for sustainable and long-term capacity development support. Within INTOSAI, the IDI, AFROSAI-E and CREFIAF, have collectively wide experience and access to resources in most areas of SAI development. The organisations also have previous experience of working with the selected Tier 2 SAIs, as well as ongoing initiatives with some of these SAIs. This demonstrates the collective commitment of INTOSAI to the Global Call for Proposals, and I am excited that we now will join forces and create synergies in a common programme for supporting the Tier 2 SAIs. I also hope that other donors will come on board in terms of providing long-term support to these SAIs, with the goal of creating inclusive and effective SAIs that really can make a difference to their citizens”

“SAIs can make significant contributions towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa,” says ADA Managing Director Mr. Martin Ledolter. “Through their audits, SAIs identify key areas for improvement in public financial management and service delivery, and enable the Parliaments to hold governments accountable for their performance. Our expectation is that the SAIs supported through the Tier 2 programme will take significant steps towards better and more relevant audits, and thereby contribute to greater accountability, transparency and governance in their countries, even though their environment is challenging.”

The Tier 2 programme’s overall objective is to empower Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) in politically unstable and challenging environments to enhance their capacity and to improve their performance, to be able to make a difference to the lives of the citizens in their countries. This means:
• Strengthening the accountability, transparency and integrity of government and public sector entities
• Demonstrating ongoing relevance to citizens, Parliament and other stakeholders
• Being a model organization through leading by example

The Programme is planned for two phases:
• A Phase 1 of two years to assist the SAIs to clarify strategic priorities and operational plans, and establish long-term project proposals.
• A Phase 2 of several years with support to the implementation of project proposals developed in Phase 1.

The expected results for Phase 1 in 2018-19 are planned as follows:
1. Strengthened SAIs strategic management
2. SAIs have sufficient, effective and coordinated external support
3. SAIs lead by example in the areas of gender, inclusion and diversity

For more info about the programme, see the pdf Programme document (115 KB) or contact Programme Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1 AFROSAI-e Is the African Organisation of English Speaking Supreme Audit Institutions (based in Pretoria, South Africa).

2 CREFIAF is the Regional Council of Training for Supreme Audit Institutions of Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa (based in Yaoundé, Cameroon).