Madagascar Signing Ceremony

From 2018 to 2020,  IDI and CREFIAF are partnering with the Courts of Accounts Madagascar to strengthen its strategic management systems and initiate long-term capacity development projects.

A team of peers — from the IDI, CREFIAF and the Courts of Accounts of Gabon and Senegal — are working closely with the President of the Court of Accounts of Madagascar and his staff to:

  • assess current capacity and needs for development 
  • develop a new strategic plan
  • design and implement a new operational planning process
  • build more effective relationships with external partners, including key stakeholders and development support providers
  • develop project proposals for long-term capacity development support

"The support from the IDI and CREFIAF through the PAP-APP program has been very favourably received within the SAI of Madagascar. Indeed, we are counting on the success of this new program to accompany us all through till we attain our capacity building goals in conformity with the values and advantages known to all SAIs." declared Mr Jean de Dieu Rakotondramihamina

The support is provided as a part of the Accelerated Peer-Support Partnership programme (PAP-APP). It benefits from funds provided by the Austrian Development Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland, and IDI basket funds.


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