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kabul 2016

Strategic management seminar in Kabul, December 2016.

IDI supported SAI Afghanistan bilaterally for 2015-2017. The SAI conducted a self-assessment of its own performance to be the fundament for strategic improvements. The support was funded by Norad – the Norwegian agency for development.

The primary objective of the cooperation with SAI Afghanistan has been to support the SAI in conducting an SAI PMF assessment and an iCATs review to be used for improvements in the SAI and inputs for their forthcoming strategic planning process. SAI Afghanistan successfully completed iCATs for financial, compliance and performance audit. The SAI PMF report was completed in March 2017, including an external review. The support was funded by Norad – the Norwegian Directorate for Development.

In 2017, the bilateral support with SAI Afghanistan was decided to be finalized, as both the WB and SAI Sweden are providing technical support to the SAI. IDI continues to include SAI Afghanistan in multilateral programs.


The SAI PMF report is not for public distribution and must be requested from the SAI.