Review workshop on ISSAI 130 Assessment

10 October 2019

How are SAIs leading by example to improve their ethical practices?

In line with ISSAI 12, processes related to SAIs strategic management should be supported by systems and practices to ensure professional conduct and ethical behaviour. Supreme Audit Institutions should, therefore, strive to lead by example with strong ethics control systems. A first experience in assessing ISSAI 30 (SAIs Code of Ethics) implementation (relabelled as ISSAI 130 under the IFPP) was undertaken over the 5 last months with 11 SAIs from English speaking regions (AFROSAI-E, ASOSAI, CAROSAI, EUROSAI, PASAI). The Office of the Auditor General of Thailand hosted from 30 October to 4 September 2019 the workshop to review the assessment reports. The assessment process is undertaken with the support of resource people coming from SAI Hungary, SAI Thailand and AFROSAI-E. The assessment reports will provide an objective picture of where are SAIs at when it comes to having appropriate systems and controls in place to mitigate their own ethical risks. Once finalized, the results of the assessments will form a source to recommend future actions for improving the SAIs ethical infrastructure/to inform their strategic management process. ISSAI 30 assessments are also being experimented in ARABOSAI, CREFIAF and OLACEFS.

For further information about the SAIs Fighting Corruption programme, please see the webpage here.