Review of SAIs Strategy Plans Meeting

7 May 2018

19 SAIs from CAROSAI and AFROSAI E are ready to engage with their key stakeholders that will help in achieving greater audit impact and enhance their operational independence.

One of the major outcomes for the IDI Programme on Stakeholder Engagement is the development of strategies that SAIs could use to effectively engage with key stakeholders to achieve greater audit impact from audits undertaken. This programme on Stakeholder Engagement is meant for SAIs to showcase the value they add to the lives of the citizens as per ISSAI 12.

In 2017, the IDI trained teams from the selected SAIs in AFROSAI-E, CAROSAI, ASOSAI, PASAI and ARABOSAI that had set Stakeholders Engagement as one of their priorities.

The Review workshop for SAIs from ASOSAI and PASAI was held in Manila Philippines from 23-27 April 2018 where a total of 16 SAIs Strategy Plans were reviewed.

The participants from ASOSAI came from Philippines, Maldives, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos and Bhutan while PASAI team was from Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Cooks Island, Samoa, Tuvalu and Guam.

In order to enhance knowledge sharing across the INTOSAI Regions, 6 resource persons from AFROSAI-E and CAROSAI and ASOSAI participated in this meeting and they came from Curacao, Kenya, Bhutan, Zambia, Philippines and Sierra Leone.

The SAIs are now expected to start the implementation of their plans and the IDI together with other interested stakeholders will design some mechanisms on what support to provide at SAI level which will be dependent on the Strategy Plans as well as SAI readiness to engage.