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Support to INTOSAI Regions

25 September 2017

The annual IDI-INTOSAI Regional Workshop was held in Oslo from 4-6 September 2017.


The objective of the workshop was to foster stronger cooperation with the INTOSAI regions. Out of three days, the first two days were engaged in various discussions viz; sharing of strategic planning experience of the regions, auditing prepared for implementation of SDG, professionalisation of SAI audit staff, quality assurance of global public goods, presentation on preliminary survey results of INTOSAI global survey conducted by the IDI, strengthening of engagement of INTOSAI, PSC, CBC, KSC and IDI with the regions, etc.

SAI of Brazil shared the experience on auditing preparedness for implementation of SDG and professionalisation. The PASAI also shared the experience of auditing SDG in its region. On quality assurance of global public goods, the PSC sensitised the participants on its perspective of maintaining the quality of global public goods having the INTOSAI brand name. The IDI also presented its initiative on recently developed product protocol for global public goods.
The programme departments and INTOSAI Donor Secretariat of the IDI engaged into bilateral meetings with the regions on the third day.