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EU contributes to stronger, transparent and more accountable Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs)

17 July 2019

IDI and the EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica, signed a grant agreement over EUR 3 million during the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in New York

To strengthen transparent, relevant and independent SAIs, the EU will support four strategic priorities of the IDI Strategic Plan 2019-2023:

Independence, professionalisation and relevance of SAIs. In addition, the action will contribute to IDI’s Global Foundations. These complement IDI’s work in work streams through forging partnerships, measuring, monitoring and matching SAI support and through advocacy and communications.

The EU funding will help build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions. This is in line with SDG target 16.6. More capacity development will make for better quality audits and equip SAIs to face new challenges, such as preparedness to implement the SDGs or gender-relevant audits.

IDI targets more than 140 Supreme Audit Institutions and their professional staff in developing countries, including SAIs in fragile situations. Ultimately, EU funding will benefit all citizens of the developing countries.

Einar Gørrissen, Director General of IDI, appreciates the EU funding: “It is great having the European Union on board. We in IDI see this as a next step in our relationship. We need strong partners like the EU to enhance SAI performance and capacities.”

The funding for Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) is part of the EU action supporting 5 initiatives embedded in the "Collect More Spend Better" strategy.