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How are IDI and the INTOSAI Knowledge Sharing Steering Committee cooperating?

21 June 2019

Click on Read more to find out what was presented at the 11th KSC Steering Committee meeting held in the Philippines.

The Steering Committee takes on the coordination role, evaluates whether the KSC tasks are consistent with the INTOSAIs objectives. The important activities of the Working Groups and Task Forces were presented to the Steering Committee with a view to coordination towards achieving the Goal objectives. At the meeting this year were 35 participants of KSC members and observers. This 11th KSC Steering Committee meeting was held in the Philippines from 12 June to 14 June 2019. Chairs of Working Group and observers reported their progress and work plans. Latest developments will be reported by the KSC Chair to the upcoming INCOSAI in Moscow in September 2019.

At this meeting, IDI delivered two presentations on the IDI-KSC cooperation and the IDI-KSC Auditing SDGs Programme.

Click pdf here (1.47 MB) for the presentation regarding IDI-KSC cooperation.


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