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Success Story: Collaborating to Improve Debt Auditing

16 April 2019

Read more about this success story and how IDI contributed to it.

In Improving debt management practices in countries by strengthening oversight on lending and borrowing frameworks – this was one of the results IDI wanted to achieve with its global programme called “Audit of Lending and Borrowing Frameworks (ABLF)”. The story of the SAI of the Philippines, the Commission on Audit (COA), exemplifies how IDI’s work was able to contribute to achieving positive results in this area. “Our participation in the IDI programme helped pave the way for the restructuring of our office, and now we have a dedicated public debt management audit division whose main duty is to audit public debt and public debt management”, says Cora Lea Dela Cruz, a Director at the COA, and a mentor in this IDI programme. Read more about this success story pdf here. (664 KB)