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AFROSAI-E Technical and Planning Meeting

16 November 2018

How can SAIs Demonstrate Relevance?

IDI participated at the 13th AFROSAI-E Technical Update and Planning meeting that was in Johannesburg South Africa from 5-9 November 2018 under the theme “Demonstrating Relevance”. 

The participants were drawn from the AFROSAI- SAIs, Cooperating Partners and other INTOSAI Regions such as ARABOSAI.

The topics covered included; Public Finance Management (PFM) Reporting Framework – Empowering SAIs to make a meaningful contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Values and Ethics, Strengthening audit methodology, IT audits, INTOSAI Standards and Latest development, Quality Assurance and Innovation and Creativity.

In line with the theme, IDI presented the various interventions that SAIs from AFROSAI-E are participating both at Regional and Global level. Special focus was made to the achievements made so far and what is expected of the SAIs after participating in these interventions. AFROSAI-E management gave an opportunity to one of the participants in the IDI Young Leaders programme to share her experience in terms of the benefits derived from participating in this programme.

IDI also used this opportunity to share to the participants the new strategic plan 2019- 2023 focusing on the key strategic shift from the 2014-2018 Strategic Plan. This includes the move from Programmes to Workstreams, increased focus on SAI-level support and better integration of gender.

In addition, alongside this year’s technical update meeting,  IDI and AFROSAI-E co-hosted a separate workshop for SAI legal practitioners where SAIs shared their experiences affecting the legal practitioners in the SAIs.