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7th ASOSAI Symposium

28 September 2018

How are SAIs making a difference by engaging with Sustainable Development Goals?

The second day of the 14th ASOSAI Assembly held from 19-22 September 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam was dedicated to 7th Symposium of the ASOSAI on the theme: “Environmental auditing for sustainable development”. The symposium comprised of three sessions, namely the 1st plenary session, a group discussion session and 2nd plenary session.

IDI was invited as one of the speakers to lead the discussion session on the topic; ‘Role of SAIs in SDGs’. Archana Shirsat, Deputy Director General of the IDI made a brief presentation on ‘SAIs making a difference by engaging with SDGs’ before engaging into a discussion on the topic. She touched upon three basic questions on auditing SDGs: 1) Why does auditing SDGs matter? 2) What is different about auditing SDGs? and 3) How can SAIs make a difference? The presentation can be accessed document here (3.58 MB) .

A total of 15 SAIs registered the country papers for the symposium on environmental auditing and the role of SAIs in SDGs. SAIs of Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Nepal and Australia presented their papers at the symposium, while some of them participated in the plenary discussion to share their perspective. Jimmy Greer, Head of Sustainability of ACCA who was also leading the discussion session shared ACCA’s perspective of Environmental Audit and SDGs and emphasised the greater role of SAIs in dealing with national development plan issues linked to SDGs.
The details and reports on 7th Symposium can be accessed from