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IDI Strategic Plan 2019-23: invitation to comment until the 15th of October

28 September 2018

IDI is pleased to share its draft Strategic Plan for the next five years with stakeholders for comment.

The strategic plan sets out to enhance the impact and sustainability of IDI’s efforts to strengthen Supreme Audit Institutions in developing countries. The plan is built around three strategic shifts in IDI’s work. Firstly, transition from a portfolio of discrete, timebound programmes to four permanent work streams build around ensuring independent, well-governed, professional and relevant SAIs. Secondly, an increased focus on SAI-level support (both within work streams and through holistic, bilateral partnerships) to enhance the sustainability of SAI performance improvements, particularly for SAIs operating in challenging and fragile situations. Thirdly, integration of a gender perspective throughout the Strategic Plan, building on IDI’s previous experience and also integrating gender analysis in the design and delivery of IDI’s initiatives and strengthening internal systems and capacity for gender analysis.

Development of the plan followed a survey and series of stakeholder consultations in early 2018, leading to development of a number of options papers which were discussed within the IDI Board on the way to setting IDI’s new strategic direction. Following the consultation period, the Strategic Plan will be refined and considered for approval by the IDI Board in November 2018.

You can read the IDI Strategic Plan document here (6.26 MB) . Comments on the strategic plan should be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by close of business on 15th October.