Strategies and Plans

Strategies and Plans

The IDI follows a well-organised system of planning its operations. There are two types of plans prepared by IDI, Strategic Plans and Operational Plans:

1. IDI Strategic Plans     

infographicThe Strategic Plans are long-term plans spanning from five to six years. The IDI’s strategic priorities over the planning period are discussed in the Strategic Plans. Besides the strategic priorities, the strategic plans provide an insight into the way IDI selects its portfolio and how it delivers the Strategic Plans. 

The Strategic Plan 2019-2023 is the IDI’s latest Strategic Plan. Taking the needs of Supreme Audit Institutions in developing countries as a starting point (based on the Global SAI Stocktaking 2017) and aiming for more sustainability and impact, it builds on:

  • IDI’s experience
  • feedback and involvement of key stakeholders
  • a review of implementation of the previous Strategic Plan.

The plan sets out how IDI will continue to support SAIs in developing countries in their efforts to sustainably enhance their performance and capacity for the benefit of their citizens.

The new Strategic Plan introduces two major strategic shifts:  

  • The introduction of long-term work streams that will provide scaled-up, holistic, tailored support to SAIs in the areas of independence, governance, professionalism and relevance
  • The full integration of a gender perspective throughout the plan.

 The current Strategic Plan for 2019-2023 can be downloaded here:

English:  pdf 2019-2023 Strategic Plan (6.83 MB)

Español :  pdf 2019-2023 Plan Estratégico (5.80 MB)

Français :  pdf Plan Stratégique 2019-2023 (3.44 MB)   

Arabic:  pdf IDI Strategic Plan 2019-23 (Arabic) (15.50 MB)

 Infographic in   pdf picture (158 KB)

Previous Strategic Plans are available here:

  pdf Strategic Plan 2014-2018 (8.69 MB)

  pdf Strategic Plan 2014-2018 French (8.63 MB)

  pdf Strategic Plan 2014-2018 Spanish (8.56 MB)

  pdf Strategic Plan 2014-2018 Arabic (47.23 MB)

pdf Strategic Plan 2007-2013 (365 KB)

pdf Strategic Plan 2001-2006 (175 KB)


2. IDI Operational Plans

The IDI Operational Plans are the mechanism for implementing the Strategic Plans. In the last couple of years, they were prepared on a biennial or triennial basis. The Operational Plan for 2019 is an annual plan as IDI will transition into its IDI Strategic Plan 2019-2023 where ongoing changes will continue to be implemented and new changes will start.

The Operational Plans with their annexe contain the details of the programmes and projects to be implemented during the period for the Operational Plan. The Operational Plans are linked to the budgets for the respective years. These plans are approved by the IDI Board at the second Board meeting during the year held usually during October-November.

The current Operational Plan and Appendix for 2019 can be downloaded here:

pdf IDI Operational Plan 2019 (2.75 MB)

pdf Appendix to IDI Operational Plan 2019 (2.16 MB)

Previous Operational Plans are available here:

pdf IDI Operational Plan 2018 (3.23 MB)

pdf Appendix to IDI Operational Plan 2018 (2.94 MB)

pdf IDI Operational Plan 2016-2018 (2017 update) (3.43 MB)

pdf Appendix to IDI Operational Plan 2016-2018 (2017 Update) (4.32 MB)

pdf IDI Operational Plan 2016-2018 (2.41 MB)

pdf Appendix to IDI Operational Plan 2016-2018 (3.01 MB)

pdf IDI Operational Plan 2014-2015 (939 KB)

pdf Appendix to IDI Operational Plan 2014-2015 (1.01 MB)


3. IDI Budgets

Each November, the IDI Board approves an annual budget for implementation of the Operational Plan for the following year. These show projected funding sources and planned expenditures for the different IDI Strategic Priorities. Budgets are reviewed and where necessary updated during the year, especially when there are major changes to funding sources and planned expenditures. From 2019, IDI has decided to publish its initial annual budget and its final revised budget.

  pdf IDI Budget 2019 (396 KB)

  pdf IDI Revised Budget 2019 (492 KB)