IDI would not be able to achieve its mission of supporting SAIs in developing countries to sustainably enhance their performance and capacities without the support of its partners. Partners are involved in all aspects of IDI’s work, and crucially provide the financial and in-kind resources that make all of IDI’s efforts possible. IDI wishes to express its appreciation for the ongoing support of all its partners. IDI’s partners are as follows:

Financial partners

We are dependent on funding from the International donor community of Development Partners and SAIs to finance our strategic priorities. Our financial partners also contribute to holding IDI accountable by scrutinising IDI’s reports and funding evaluations to ensure IDI is spending its money effectively and communicating the results achieved. IDI has active grants with the following partners:

Active core Funding Partners whose contributions support delivery of our strategic priorities as well as the running of IDI as an organisation

Active earmarked Funding Partners whose contributions support specific work streams and capacity development initiatives.

International SAI Community

IDI is the main implementing body of the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) and works in close cooperation with other INTOSAI bodies like the General Secretariat, the Governing Board, The Finance and Administration Committee, the Capacity Building Committee, the Knowledge Sharing Committee and the Professional Standards Committee. In addition, IDI is cooperating with several working groups and Task Forces in INTOSAI. All the involvement from INTOSAI in IDIs capacity development initiatives are done as in-kind contributions to the IDI and the SAI Community.

IDI is using subject matter experts from SAI in our efforts to strengthen the capacity and performance of SAIs. These experts from several SAI in all regions are provided to IDI as in-kind contributions and is a critical success factor for the success of the IDI's work. SAIs are also contributing to the IDI initiatives by hosting IDI events, printing of IDI products and seconding staff to IDI.

IDI is also working in close cooperation with the different regional SAI organisation; AFROSAI, AFROSAI-E, ARABOSAI, ASOSAI, CAROSAI, CREFIAF, EUROSAI, OLACEFS and PASAI. The regions are important for IDI as they are better situated to monitor the development of and the needs of the SAIs in their regions.

Other Partners

IDI also partners with organisations beyond the INTOSAI and donor communities. In particular, during 2018, IDI’s partnerships with the following organisations were an essential part of delivering on the IDI Strategic Plan

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA): Since 2016 the IDI has built a strong partnership with UNDESA[1] for supporting SAIs in audit of Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

International Budget Partnership (IBP): in 2019, IDI and the IBP signed a Strategic Partnership to (1) advocate for independent and effective SAIs as essential to good public budgeting, effective governance and reducing poverty; and (2) to support effective engagement between SAIs, legislative and civil society in order to enhance accountability, audit impact and make a difference to the lives of citizens. IDI and IBP support each others’ work in the following areas:

  • The IBP’s Open Budget Survey and the IDI’s Global SAI Stocktaking
  • IDI’s SAIs Engaging with Stakeholders Initiative
  • IBP’s Audit Accountability Initiative & IDI’s Facilitating Audit Impact (FAI) initiative
  • Advocating for SAI Independence

Canadian Audit and Accountability Foundation (CAAF): During 2018, CAAF supported IDI’s SAI Young Leaders Programme, and the Auditing the SDGs programme.

[1] Institutions for Sustainable Development Goals Branch, Division for Public Institutions and Digital Government