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pdf IDI Strategic Plan 2014 – 2018

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pdf Foundation Statutes 2016

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pdf IDI Rules of Procedure 2016

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pdf PAR 2017

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pdf IDI PAR Appendix 2017

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The appendix for the IDI Performance and Accountability Report 2017.

pdf Minutes IDI Board Meeting 13 and 14 March 2018

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pdf Minutes IDI Virtual Board Meeting 29 June 2018

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pdf IDI Appendix Operation Plan 2019

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pdf IDI Strategic Plan 2019-2023

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The IDI Strategic Plan for 2019-2023 lays out IDI's vision and goals for the next five years.

The 2019-2023 startegic plan introduces IDI's shift from programmes to four work streams focusing on SAI independence, governance, professionalisaiton, and relevance.

Cross-cutting priorities such as SAI culture and leadership, SAI communications and stakeholder engagement, and inclusiveness and gender are presented as well.

The Strategic Plan documents the broad plan for IDI from 2019 to 2023. Specific yearly work plans are laid out in IDI Operational Plans.

The IDI Strategic Plan 2019-2023 is also available in Arabic, French, and Spanish. There is also a four-page infographic overview which presents the highlights of the new Strategic Plan in a quick-read format.


pdf PESA-P

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