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Annual meeting in Mogadishu, February 2020, celebrating the release of the Annual Performance Report

Somalia – OAGS Peer Support Project 2021-22

IDI in partnership with AFROSAI-E supports the Office of the Auditor General of Somalia to implement key strategic priorities. This includes support to ongoing audits, a new legal framework, stronger internal governance, HR-management, professional development, stakeholder engagement and communication and general coordination with partners. Funding is provided by the Norwegian government.

The Office of the Auditor General of the Federal Republic of Somalia (OAGS) has a crucial role in promoting and ensuring good governance in Somalia. Over the last years OAGS has demonstrated a strong ability to deliver audit results and develop the organization.

The OAGS, IDI and AFROSAI-E had a joint project for the years 2018 – 2020. There was a good dynamic in the partnership and significant results (see the evaluation report here and an article in the INTOSAI Journal here).

The current cooperation is for 2021-2022. The overall objective of project is to “Enable OAGS to successfully implement the strategic priorities in the period 2021-22.” The 2021-22 OAGS Strategic Plan has the following six goals:

  1. Timely, relevant and high-quality audit reports in line with international standards
  2. Strengthening Internal Governance for Efficient and Effective Audit Services
  3. Strengthen external communication and stakeholder relations to ensure audit recommendations are implemented and reports have an impact on governance and accountability
  4. Well qualified and professional staff and management
  5. Sufficient infrastructure and ICT capacity for efficient operations
  6. Amend the old legal framework OAGS currently operates under

The peer support project will provide support to selected objectives and areas within each goal, contributing to OAGS achieving the goals. Please see the Cooperation agreement for the expected results and roles of the partners.

To ensure robust and relevant support for all the six strategic goals of OAGS, multiple mechanisms of support are needed in addition to the peer support project

The World Bank and other donors are also partners of OAGS. IDI seeks to have an advisory role for the totality of external support and be the responsible provider of peer-support in cooperation with AFROSAI-E.


For 2018-2021 funding is provided by the Norwegian embassy in Nairobi and IDI core funds. To read the funding contract click here.


Project Agreements and Reports

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